Butcher Row House Museum

Butcher Row House Museum features many items of local interest including reproduction helmets and breastplates that would have been worn in the Battle of Ledbury in 1645 and a small collection of musical instruments ranging from a ‘hurdy-gurdy’ to a Tibetan pipe fashioned from a thigh bone.

In 2015 the museum had almost 13,000 visitors. It has been awarded accredited status by Arts Council England. It was the first independent Museum in the West Midlands to receive this award.

Opening hours

1 April (or Good Friday if earlier) to 30 September: daily from 11am to 5pm
1 – 31 October: daily 11am to 3pm

Admission is free, but donations are welcome.

You can also read more about Butcher Row House and its history.


A display in Butcher Row House Museum in Ledbury